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At Advoco, we are dedicated to providing top-notch legal services that support our client's business growth, protect their interests, and mitigate risks. Advoco is committed to delivering personalized solutions that address the unique challenges faced by each client, with a focus on excellence, integrity, and achieving successful outcomes.

Business Formation & Structuring

Advoco assists entrepreneurs and business owners in navigating the complex process of business formation and structuring. From selecting the appropriate legal entity (such as LLC, corporation, or partnership) to drafting and reviewing incorporation documents, we ensure that our client's businesses are set up for success from the start.

Business Meeting

Contracts & Agreements

Advoco offers expertise in drafting, negotiating, and reviewing a wide range of business contracts and agreements. Whether it's transnational contracts,  commercial contracts, vendor agreements, employment contracts, or licensing agreements, we ensure that our client's interests are protected and that contractual relationships are clear, fair, and legally enforceable.

Corporate Governance & Compliance 

We guide businesses in adhering to corporate governance standards and regulatory compliance obligations. Advoco assists in drafting corporate policies, conducting internal audits, ensuring compliance with industry-specific regulations, and managing corporate governance issues to mitigate risks and maintain legal and ethical integrity.​

Laws and regulations

Dispute Resolution & Litigation

In the event of a business dispute such as arbitration, mediation, or litigation, Advoco is prepared to vigorously advocate for our client's interests. 

Legal Counseling & Services

As trusted legal advisors, Advoco offers ongoing counsel and advisory services to businesses of all sizes. We provide proactive legal guidance, stay abreast of legal developments relevant to our client's industries, and help them make informed decisions that align with their business strategies.

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